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Real estate investments with a difference by marktEINBLICKE (In German)

Aktien von Immobilienunternehmen bieten eine elegante Möglichkeit, auf Immobilieninvestments zu setzen und gleichzeitig einige Nachteile dieser Investitionsform zu vermeiden. Indizes auf solche Titel sowie die dazugehörenden Zertifikate auf die entsprechenden Indizes können noch eleganter sein. [...]

House view: May 2018

Global Listed Real Estate markets gained 4.28% in May, following April’s 4.6%, the highest upward movement since February 2017. Broad equity markets have returned 3.55%, underperforming the REITs markets by 73bps. We believe May returns are mainly driven by valuation and improved fundamentals. [...]

A Liquid Global Sustainable REITs Index By Reitsmarket

Brussels, June 6, 2018 – Reitsmarket launches its new global sustainable REITs index. After the successful launch of the Euronext® Reitsmarket Global Balanced Index and the Euronext® Reitsmarket Global Conviction Index in October last year, Reitsmarket now offers investors access to a sustainable alternative. [...]

Investing in the REITs market in an intelligent way (article in Italian)

Negli ultimi decenni abbiamo assistito a una forte espansione degli investimenti nel settore immobiliare, che sono diventati un elemento centrale di molti portafogli. Al giorno d’oggi, sia grandi che piccoli investitori possono investire in società immobiliari quotate in tutto il mondo. [...]

Reitsmarket publishes its 2018 Q1 Qualitative Research Report.

Reitsmarket released its 2018 Q1 Qualitative Research Report. This report provides qualitative analyses of the REITS market globally. [...]


Reitsmarket is a Luxembourg specialist boutique offering global quantitative and algorithmic research on REITs, specific REITs market advisory and smart indexation on the global liquid real estate market. REITs, or real estate investment trusts, offer liquid access to real estate. These companies offer exposure to real estate properties, mortgages or both, and they are generally traded on public exchanges.


Market Insights

Reitsmarket continuously monitors new developments in the global REITs market. We are on top of the latest trends and regularly publish or refer to market research articles on REITs investments. We work in close partnership with Consilia Capital of Professor Alex Moss, expert academic in the REITs market, author of numerous real estate related publication, visiting professor at Cass University and Chairman of the EPRA Research Committee.


Smart Indexation

REITs can contribute to diversification to a portfolio. Smart REIT portfolios tend to have reduced correlations with traditional asset classes. Reitsmarket offers smart index solutions in partnership with Euronext based on quantitative proprietary models where an intelligent portfolio construction and a multi-factor selection approach are key. We design our strategies with the purpose to add long-term stability to investment portfolios.