Consilia Capital: Real Assets Fund Monitor Sep-2017

This month’s report is divided into the following sections:

  • A summary of September performance by fund mandate and size
  • A summary of 3Q 2017 performance by fund mandate and size 
  • Focus: Smart Beta/Multifactor Strategies for REIT Funds 

As regular readers will know, we have long had an interest in Smart Beta/Multifactor strategies, and their application to the global listed real estate sector as indices/ETFs. This month we look at two new factor based indices (Euronext Reitsmarket Global Balanced and Global Conviction) which have just been launched, and the extent to which products in this area have developed.

Consistent with our previous comments, we believe that the greatest area of growth in AuM for global listed real estate will come from Smart Beta/Multifactor based products, and these two new indices represent another significant step forward in that development. From next month we will have a separate section in the monthly for Smart Beta/Multifactor Indices and Funds.

  • Detailed performance statistics by region for September 2017

This month we look at the data for September 2017. For each mandate we show: the dispersion of returns by Fund AUM, popular benchmark returns and volatility, average, maximum and minimum fund returns, the best performing funds by size, for each mandate. For consistency, all returns are rebased in US$.


Finally, it is important to note that there are no recommendations or investment advice contained in this publication, and that it is not intended for retail investors. This report represents only a very small summary of the outputs of our database, and the bespoke research and advisory service work we undertake for clients. For further details of our work please contact us.