Global Real Estate in October 2018

Global Real Estate strongly outperformed the Global Equity Markets in October 2018.

Global Listed Real Estate outperformed Global Equity markets by 4.3% showing a return of -0.7% vs -5%, in EUR, Net.

In October, we observed a market sell-off for global equities across all major equity markets, triggered by a sudden increase in rates at the beginning of the month. However, listed real estate in the US overall remained solid during October, limiting the impact compared to US equity. Global listed real estate outperformed the global equity markets in October by 4.3% showing a return of respectively -0.7% vs -5%, in EUR (net). United States currently represents about 60% of the global listed real estate market. The strong US economy and the robust Q3 earnings have driven up real estate activity and improved the underlying fundamentals of the REITs market. Although European and Asian listed real estate have underperformed the US by 300bps, they still outperformed the equity market.