Market Analysis

Insights from the global REITs industry

A selection of research papers and market news, combined with ad hoc tailor-made multi-factor analyses.

Reitsmarket continuously monitors new developments in the REITs market. We are on top of the latest news, report on new REIT launches and regularly publish or refer to research papers on the global REIT market and investment space.

We work in close partnership with Consilia Capital of Professor Alex Moss, expert academic in the REITs market, author of numerous real estate related publication, visiting professor at Cass University and Chairman of the EPRA Research Committee.

Upon request, Reitsmarket can provide tailor-made analyses about the global REITs market. Over the years, we have developed a specific expertise in the dynamics of the REITs market and the different factors that are the main performance drivers of this particular market. Therefore, our indices and portfolios mainly use selection methodologies based on smart beta strategies using our in-house multi-factor models.




Factors are industry specific meaning that traditional factors and premia from the equity market are not necessary appropriate for the REITs market. Our analyses have shown that specific industry factors show different results compared to the traditional equity markets. Moreover, these industry specific factors are cyclical and complementary. Prior to an investment, it is therefore important to make an in-depth analysis of the different industries and sectors to which the portfolio will be exposed as well as industry-specific factors.

On top of a thorough selection of REIT-specific factors, Reitsmarket uses a dynamic-weighting approach for its portfolio and index construction where factors are combined in dynamic proportions with the aim to capture an additional premium.