Market News

Reitsmarket announces the launch of two smart beta global REITs indices

Brussels, October 19, 2017 – Reitsmarket, a specialist boutique in the field of global REITs solutions, is very pleased to announce the launch of two smart beta indices in the global REITs space, the Euronext Reitsmarket Global Conviction Index and the Euronext Reitsmarket Global Balanced Index. [...]

Reitsmarket publishes its Q3 Quantitative Research Report

Reitsmarket released its Q3 Quantitative Research Report. This report provides quantitative analyses of the REITS market globally. Reitsmarket shares performance and risk figures but also focuses on factor analysis in particular. We hope the information is useful. All comments are welcome via [...]

Reitsmarket has closed a partnership with Consilia Capital

Reitsmarket works in partnership with Consilia Capital of Professor Alex Moss, expert academic in the REITs market, author of numerous real estate related publication, visiting professor at Cass University and Chairman of the EPRA Research Committee. [...]

The benefits of investing in REITs

Real Estate is a unique asset class that provides a balanced mix of total return and diversification benefits to a broader portfolio. The real estate market consists of large, illiquid private real estate and a tradable, more accessible public REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) market. Both public and private approaches allow investors access to real estate, but there are a number of important distinctions between them. This article discusses some of the benefits of investing in REITs. [...]