Reitsmarket Investment products in Belgium

On September 27, 2018 we have published the “First public offer provides Belgian investors access to sustainable real estate” followed by “Nagelmackers brengt als eerste Belgische bank een duurzaam beleggingsproduct op vastgoed naar de markt. Met de hulp van Goldman Sachs en de Belgen van Reitsmarket.” and “Nagelmackers est la première banque belge à lancer un produit d’investissement immobilier durable. Avec l’aide de Goldman Sachs et des Belges de Reitsmarket.” to give our readers the latest news on our Reitsmarket Global GRESB Sustainable Indices.

These products are currently being commercialized by Nagelmackers though two investment products: (1) Auto-Callable Real Estate Note 2026, (2) Coupon Plus Real Estate Note 2028.

We invite you to visit the website pages for products’ detailed description, product sheets, KIID’s and other important information.

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