Specialist boutique

Reitsmarket is a specialist boutique in the liquid real estate market.

Reitsmarket is a Luxembourg specialist boutique offering global quantitative and algorithmic REITs related research, specific REITs market advisory and smart indexation. Reitsmarket was founded by Rego Partners, a Belgium based financial boutique owned by Benedict Peeters and Christophe Pecoraro, two financial experts.

Reitsmarket provides tailor-made financial research solutions and services for institutional clients within the global REITs market, generally designed with the purpose to add portfolio stability and the aim to enhance return over long-term periods. We believe that this stability approach is key for successful decision-making for investment and portfolio management.

Reitsmarket operates in close partnership with Consilia Capital of Professor Alex Moss, expert academic in the REITs market, author of numerous real estate related publication, visiting professor at Caz University and Chairman of the EPRA Research Committee.

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Our people have built up international experience over the years and will offer professional solutions, using advanced in-house proprietary models.

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Our team will work in complete transparency with its clients, avoiding any conflict of interest with partner companies or third parties.

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Reitsmarket has a long-term view and focuses on the enhancement of the stability of portfolio returns, while minimizing the portfolio risk.